I became a blogger: October Review

October Review

Whoooopppp!!!! It’s a new month! Happy new month amazing family. This week’s post would be my first monthly review on this blog so I’m really excited. The month of October was quite tasking but here I am. Here we all are, still standing strong.

At the beginning of the month, I’m guessing we all had some set goals we wanted to achieve, written or unwritten. Like you, I ended up achieving some of them and the others? Oh well, better luck next time.😏 I’ll be sharing some of mine with you and letting you know how this month was for me in general.

Starting with my goals for the month, some of them were to:
β€’ Post on my blog every Sunday in October. I really wanted to improve on my consistency so I could actually call myself a blogger πŸ˜‚
β€’ Get at least 500 unique visitors on the blog.
β€’ Read 2 books.
β€’ Drink 3 litres of water everyday. (I heard it’s good for the skin)

Well I ended up:
β€’ Posting every Sunday in October.
Yayyyyy!!! I became a blogger.
β€’ Getting almost 700 unique visitors on the blog!!
β€’ I read half a book..Lmaoo
β€’ I managed to drink an average of 2 litres of water per day.

For this past month, I actually have so much to be grateful for. But most importantly, I’m grateful for:
β€’ Life.
It really is by God’s grace that we are alive and well and I couldn’t be more grateful.
β€’ Good friends.
They were always checking up on me. Sharing my blog posts. And basically being amazing. Thank you.
β€’ Readers of my blog.
Y’all are amazing really. God bless you.

A lot more actually happened this past month too. October had me:

Obsessed with
β€’ The new book I’m reading.
It’s called Speak To Your Mountain by Kenneth Hagin Jnr. I’ve actually had it for a while so it’s quite old as you can see. I’ve even borrowed people lol but I’m finally just getting around to reading it and it is suchΒ  an amazing book!!

β€’ Harry Potter series (I finally found a clear one to watch again!)

Excited about:
β€’ The future.
I may not know exactly what the future holds but I am certain it is going to be amazing and colourful.

Proud of:
β€’ My friend.
Yeah my friend (Amapsalmist) made a short film that premiered at AFRIFF (African International Film Festival) 2017. It was such an amazing experience and I am both proud of and happy for him. His film actually got a standing ovation from the audience! If you like say I’m famzing…Famzing is allowed abeg!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sad that:Β 
β€’ My perfume is nearing its end. Soo..It’s the Calvin Klein CK2 EDT. It comes in 50ml and 100ml. I got mine (50ml) last December as a gift from The Scentsation (@dscentsation on instagram) and it has lasted me almost a whole year. But I’d soon exhaust the little left. See how little remains 😭😭😭 It’s a really nice perfume though and it’s unisex so if you want one or you feel like getting me a new one😁, you can get it on stylerum.com or on instagram @dscentsation

β€’ A new comedy series to watch. I’m a very happy person lol and all my series are at very tense points right now so I’d appreciate recommendations on comedy series to watch.

Challenged by:
β€’ Drinking water…ugh it’s so hard when you are consciously trying to do it.
β€’ NYSC registration. Hayy!!! I spent almost the whole day at the registration centre trying to get it done. I got there by around 6:00am and got back home by almost 7:00pm!! It was frustrating but it all worked out in the end.

Improved on:
β€’ Consistency.
It took a lot of will power but I think I’m improving. This doesn’t mean I would stop working on it though, so help me God.

What worked?
β€’ Involving God in everything, no matter how little.
β€’ Making a to-do list for every day.

What didn’t work?
β€’ Creating alarms to remind me to drink water. I’d literally just switch it off and continue whatever I’m doing. I guess I need a more effective method for this water drinking thing.

What would I do different?
β€’ Include book reading time in my to-do list.
β€’ Use less drops of my perfume so it doesn’t finish 😭😭

My biggest November wish
β€’ To not be posted far away for NYSC. I want to still have network to post for you guys so plsss pray that I’m not thrown to some village.

3 important lessons I learnt in October
β€’ Push yourself.
β€’ Be consistent.
β€’ Let your results speak.

Anddd…that’s all for the month of October! Please let me know in the comments section how your month went or if you have any suggestions for me. Please don’t forget my comedy series recommendation too. I hope that your November is far more amazing than you could ever expect. Happy new month again. Stay consistent.

Much love 😍
Your tiny eyed story teller.