Different types of people in church on Sundays!!!

Hello guyssss…As usual, I missed y’all so much. This one week is always feeling like I’ve been gone for more than a week. I guess I would have to start posting more often than once a week (somebody say whoooooo!!!!!).
So today is all fun and games because I would sharing a list compiled by me and my friend (Victoriana Odunjo) on the different types of people we see in church on Sunday. Start identifying yourself as you’re reading 😂😂😂.

N. B. All images are internet sourced and not owned by this blog. 

Starting with:

Always pressing phone shaaaaa

They will be taking selfies anywhere anytime.
We have:
And you’re just like
Of course there are always
They are usually

Meanwhile we can’t forget


Let pastor catch you🙄
We always have:

And we always have those mummies:

Or even hear anything he’s saying because those geles, they block both sound and vision.
How can we forget our brethren?

And their other brethren

I’m usually most annoyed with

Then there are:

Finally there is

Or which one have you seen?  If we ommitted any,  let me know in the comment section.
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Thank you for reading fam. Have a great week ahead 😁.
Much love 😍
Your tiny eyed storyteller.

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