Going to quickly write this before I change my mind. It’s my first post back to the blog in over a month. The break was really sudden, even to me and I’ll tell y’all about it today.
I was going to post my 20 before 20 post about 4 weeks ago. It took me a lot of time writing it and putting my thoughts together. When I was done, I was really excited about it. I added my images and it remained just one image. I saved the post and decided I would add the image later at night and then post.
Fast forward to night, time to post. I opened my app and the whole post was gone. Disappeared. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I searched and searched but I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t sleep that night. I spent the whole night using Google to try to find a solution or a way for me to recover the post but I couldn’t. It was really gone. Somehow I kept hoping that it would miraculously come back (the way we all do when something we value gets missing or spoilt).
The next morning, I spent the whole day at the office cranky and still trying to find my post. Same thing the next day and same thing till the end of the week. It was weekend before I finally accepted that the post was gone and gone for good. I think I cried a little. One might say “Are you not the one that wrote it? Just write it again na” but it really doesn’t work like that. Or maybe it does for some people but not me. So I couldn’t “just write it again”. I wanted my post back.
For some reason after this acceptance that my post was gone, I didn’t post anything else on the blog. Or maybe I just couldn’t. I think I was mourning my lost post😂
Or I was probably just upset and taking it out on my blog.  Either ways, I was being silly letting some situation get the better of me. I let that little obstacle hold me back for weeks. I haven’t exactly had any major challenge blogging so this was a first and I don’t think I handled it properly. However, I’m learning that challenges are not to destroy you. They’re to stretch, strengthen and make you a better person. But these things can’t happen if you don’t get past the challenge and you let it hold you back.
So now? Against all odds (or one odd) I’m done and I’m back 😉 but most importantly, I’m grateful. I’m grateful because this period has helped me to reflect and learn a lot of things on my own, some of which I would share:
1. You need to keep your focus on the outcome and not on the obstacle .
2. Nothing will work unless you do the work.
3. Every experience brings along with it new courage and strength to carry on. It’s up to you to tap into it.
4. When you face hindrances, you don’t change your goal. You change your technique of getting there.
5. You’re the only one that can stop yourself. Believe in yourself and put in the work and watch yourself become unstoppable.
So that is it guys. Tinyeyed is back! Thanks for sticking with me. 20 before 20 post may or may not be coming but expect other posts definitely. Happy new month love.
Much love 😍
Your tiny eyed storyteller