Who remembers my July Review where I mentioned how much I have been anticipating volunteering for CITY Summer Leadership Camp this year. Well, the camp started yesterday but I just got into camp today so even if it is my Day 1, it’s technically Day 2 here in camp.
After I got in today, I got a bed space and all and it has begun! LOL
The leaders (campers) were taught in their classes today on academic excellence, SDGs and intention settings to mention a few.
In the night session, we then had a very interesting and Interactive sex talk session where the leaders were educated and enlightened. I personally learnt a lot even as a volunteer. I can’t wait for the remaining things in store.
I haven’t really been able to do much and I don’t really have time to give all the gist today but you can watch a sneak peek of day 1 and 2 here on HOPE FOUNDATION page.
From tomorrow, I’ll come with plenty gist and pictures. Right now, I’m tired and it’s time for volunteer meeting.
Goodnight guys.
Much love,
Your tiny eyed storyteller.

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